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"Home in the Hinterlands"
Los Angeles Review of Books
 A review of Robin Hemley’s Borderline Citizen.
"Down and Out in Silicon Valley"
Los Angeles Review of Books
 A review of Corey Pein's Live Work Work Work Die.
"Building Boston to shape morality"
Boston Globe
 How 19th-century Boston's physical transformation remade American culture.
Los Angeles Review of Books
 A review of Jessica Bruder's Nomadland.
"How political correctness led to Islamophobia"
Boston Globe
On manners and xenophobia.
"Shameless Liars"
The Baffler
The origin of pathological lying.
“In a Foreign Land With Something to Declare”
The New York Times
 My contribution to NYT's Modern Love column.
"L.A.'s bike-share program is being set up to fail"
Los Angeles Times
 Downtown L.A.'s new bike-sharing program is unaffordable for most.
“How self-driving cars can transform Los Angeles"
Los Angeles Times
 Self-driving cars mean less space needed for parking.
“What L.A.’s Piggyback Yard Olympic planners can learn from Sydney,” Los Angeles Times
 Making a better Olympics Village.
"The city-state returns"
Boston Globe
 The renewal of urban power.
"What L.A. can learn from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics"
Los Angeles Times
 Fix the airport, for the one thing.
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